A Fairytale for my Best Friend

My father once told me a story

Of a princess in a faraway castle

Golden hair; silk dress.

And when I walked into my sixth grade classroom, I found that princess

Sitting in the row across from me

I knew because all the boys gaped

And looked at her like a queen

She had no crown, but I loved her still

And she loved me.

When the dark clouds rolled across the sky,

She was there; slaying the sniveling dragons

That roamed the caves of my head.

While I had no silver armor to cover my chest,

Hers marveled and gleamed against the sun.

She was a knight with flowers in her hair.

But days turned to months and months to years.

And my lovely princess began to wither grey

Her armor cracked; her sword turned to dust

Her golden hair no longer shined; but I still stood by her side

And when the prince fled the castle, she was left all alone.

With a goblet of poison by her side.

They called her a beautiful tragedy,

But how can a tragedy be beautiful?

Her blue eyes were beautiful

But not the dagger in her heart.

In the dark, I held her hand

Across the bridge we walked,

Into a world completely unknown.

But I promised myself, that no matter what

I would never let go.

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