The God/The Diviner/The Savior/The Man

My hand rose above the sea foam to find your fingers waiting for me,
To save me from the tsunami that pulled me below the water’s surface.
The beating of my heart was louder than the storm,
My hands were shaking harder than the ground
But you, Poseidon of my life, fixed this broken body.
Warm skin, blue eyes.
You are the still point in this ever moving ocean.

Inside me, a broken clock that was moving too fast.
Tick, tick, tick.
You put your hand inside my chest, 
And stopped that minute hand from making life go by.
You are an elixir than I cannot get enough of.
I am under a bewitchment,
But I love every second of it.
Magic man,
You enchant me.

The devil was out to get me.
I found him staring at me in the bathroom mirror.
Buildings collapsed.
The earth was much too close to the sun.
Everything was burning.
But while some fall, you soar.
You are a torch, 
Fire will not burn your skin.
The devil cannot touch your soul.
My immortal guardian,
Set me aflame.

And then there is you.
The man with the gentle hands.
The man who laughs nervously.
The man who is not a god or immortal.
The man who is human.
My man,
My love,
I want to hold your heart in my hands
And kiss your smiles.
You are heaven to me.

There is you.
And there is only you.

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