Let's Talk About Literature

Where Matilda is Now

Often I think about my favorite childhood character, Matilda. Where is she now?

She finished high school at the top of her class. Then she went to Harvard, where she had the most bookish dorm room on campus.

There she graduated with three different majors; English, History, and Journalism

She got accepted into Harvard Law, but decided to travel instead of enrolling. After she graduated she visited every castle in Scotland.

She wrote an award-winning travel blog and then moved on to crime writing. She has some self-published fiction works also.


She remained a writer all her life, but eventually took a teaching position at Harvard.


Every step of the way, Miss Honey was there. Except now she was better known as “Mom.”

Matilda never married, which is how she wanted it. But she eventually opened up her life to someone very special. And they had the greatest adventures.

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