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What I’m Reading as an English Major: “Ravine” by Mông-Lan

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I wanted to talk about a poem I read for an English class. My instructor really likes Vietnamese lit and poetry and I’m SO glad she does because I absolutely fell in love with this poem she shared. We read this a few weeks ago, and a lot of us were stumped by what it meant. Likely it is about war (specifically the Vietnam War). In my personal interpretation, the “you” is a person suffering from PTSD as a result of war and “I” or the narrator is someone who loves the war-torn “you.” “They” are the people wanting to take “you” away, possibly to another battle.

I just love the image of a ravine filled with lost things being someone’s spine, or feet as broken fins. This poem has been the center of my inspiration for the past couple weeks. I even wrote a poem using a similar method of form (which I will post later on).


What do YOU think this poem means? What’s your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!

Find out more about Mong-Lan here. And if you are interested in reading more of her poetry order her book here or request it at your local library!

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading!


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