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Book Review: Where Am I Now? By Mara Wilson

Many of you might know the name Mara Wilson. She was Matilda and one of the children in Mrs. Doubtfire. And more recently, Mara has become a twitter personality and performer in NYC. She is also a writer, and I recently finished reading her first memoir Where Am Now?

32fbe54800000578-3530738-image-a-172_1460150606429(A super cute picture of Mara from her twitter)

I was super excited to read this memoir. I had put a hold on it right away at my local public library. And Mara did not let me down. This memoir made me laugh, smile, sad, and feel every emotion in the book. I love the detail Mara puts into every memory and the thought she puts into her essays.

Mara talked about so many relevant topics for me. Going from girlhood to adulthood, dealing with OCD/anxiety, and sexuality. There is one part in particular that stuck with me. In one part of the memoir, Mara talks about going from being the “cute” little girl to what is not socially accepted as attractive/cute when she grew up. While reading this section, I felt intense relief. This is how I felt for so long in middle school/high school. I was definitely the cute little girl with bangs growing up, but eventually became the awkward one with braces and glasses. I have moved on from it, but as Mara explains in her memoir, it made a significant impact on my self-esteem.


I felt like I was reliving Mara’s memories with her, even during the parts where I couldn’t completely relate. She is an absolutely powerful storyteller.

I looked up to Mara when she was a young actress. When I discovered her twitter, I looked up to her as a person. I still feel all those things, but now I look up to her as a woman and a writer.

If you love memoirs, you just have to read Mara’s book.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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