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Book Review: The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

4.5/5 stars. I really need to stop reading sad books.

WOWWWW is pretty much how I felt after reading this book. The whole time I was reading this I kept imagining what a cool dark indie film it could be.

This is not a happy book by any means. This is a novel meant to examine the brutality of our society. More specifically rape, abuse, and murder. As the synopsis states, the main character, Alex, is a murderer. But she’s not a sociopath. She killed a man because he raped and brutally murdered her older sister.

I immediately checked out this book when I saw someone describe it as a mix between Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak. And that description didn’t let me down. But whereas Amy in Gone Girl is pretty apathetic, Alex is anything but. As she says during the novel, she feels too much, not too little.

The novel contemplates the morality of Alex’s actions, but it doesn’t really try to villianize her which I am SO thankful for. Instead she’s portrayed as a brilliant young woman who has just had a lot of horrible things happen to her and also has never learned how to control her anger/depression.

And yes there is romance, but it’s overshadowed by the complicated and strong female relationships. This is also one of the first YA books I’ve seen that calls out slut shaming which is pretty cool.

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