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Book Review: If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

3.5/5 stars. Probably more of a 3 for me, but this book is so important that I rounded it up to 4 on my Goodreads page.

“You can have anything,” she said, “once you admit you deserve it.”

If you want to understand a trans person’s point of view, especially the danger they experience in their life, I definitely recommend this book. It was clear, honest, and very thought-provoking.

Some reviewers have noted the lack of plot and some undeveloped aspects which I too noticed. But I don’t think the point of this book was to offer some crazy plot with twists or anything like that. From what I got from reading it, this book is mostly meant to make you feel like what it’s like to live a young trans person’s life. Russo succeeded in doing this in my opinion, so that’s why I gave it the rating I did.

However, I will note that if you do read this book, please also read the author’s acknowledments/notes section at the end. As Meredith Russo points out in this section, Amanda’s experience is not like a lot of other trans people’s experience. Amanda is easily able to pass as a girl thanks to her feminine appearance and being able to afford hormone treatment/surgery. This is not a reality for a lot of other trans people.

Overall a good book that I’m really glad I read and would recommend for anyone.

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